Moong Dal Kadhi Recipe | How to Make Moong Kadhi Restaurant Style

Moong dal kadhi recipe: - Usually kadhi is either made with fried pakora’s -plain of with added vegetables or with boondi. Some kadhis are made just plain and in some lots of vegetables are added. The most popular is the Punjabi pakora kadhi but again every one makes it as their own preference, some like kadhi thicker and some prefer it thinner. This moong daal pakora kadhi Miloni ki kadhi/ Johor is my community special kadhi. Moong dal ki kadhi. मूंग की दाल की कढ़ी

Moong dal kadhi ingredients

Moong dal kadhi ingredients:-

  • Dhool Moong Dal - 300 grams (1 1/2 cups)
  •  Curd - 500 grams (2 1/2 cups)
  •  Asafoetida - 2 - 3 pinch
  •  Cumin seeds - half a teaspoon
  •  Fenugreek - half a teaspoon
  •  Turmeric powder - half a teaspoon
  •  Green Chili - 2-3
  •  Ginger - 1-inch piece (grated)
  •  Red chili - a quarter teaspoon
  •  Salt - 2 tsp
  •  Coriander leaves - 1 tbsp (finely chopped)
  •  Oil - for frying dumplings for kadhi

How to make Moong Dal Kadhi

  • Clean the moong dal, wash it and soak it in water for 2 hours. Take out the soaked lentils from the water and grind the lentils coarsely.  Divide the ground lentils into 2 parts, mix one part of the dal with curd and add it to the curd, add 2 liters of water, the batter is ready for the curry. Put the second part in a vessel and put a little coriander and beat it well with the help of a hand or a spoon, the dal for making dumplings is ready. Put oil in a pan and heat it.  Break round pakoras in hot oil with a small number of lentils by hand, break as many dumplings as possible into the dumplings.  Turn the dumplings upside down and fry them till they turn brown and keep them on a plate, prepare dumplings from all the lentils in the same way and keep them on a plate.
Make Moong Pakoda

Prepper the Curry

  • To make Kadhi, put 2 tablespoons of oil in a large pan, keep the flame low, add asafoetida, cumin, and fenugreek to the hot oil, add turmeric powder, green chili, and red chili. Add the prepared batter for the Kadhi to this spice, cook the Kadhi continuously with a spoon until it comes to a boil on high flame, add the prepared Dumplings and Salt after boiling and keep stirring with the spoon until the Kadhi comes to boil again.
Moong Dal Kadhi Recipe Step by step


  • boiling again, reduce the flame and let the kadhi cook on low flame for 20 minutes.  Stir the curry with a spoon for 2-3 minutes in between. You will notice that creamy color has started appearing on the sides of the curry.  Moong Dal Kadhi is made. Turn off the fire.


Our delicious Moong Dal Kadhi dish is now ready. Serve it on a plate and enjoy eating it with your loved ones.

How to Make Moong Kadhi

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